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Moda – Delizioso!

Think of Italy, and what springs to mind – fantastic food and fabulous fashion! So it comes as no surprise that my heart skipped a beat when I peeped the new Spring/Summer-2012 Dolce and Gabbana campaign.  It is aspirational, passionate, and sensual – and best of all it centres around some of the most luscious depictions of food that have been shown in print or fashion for years.

Featuring actress Monica Bellucci and model Biance Balti, you can almost feel the heat scorching your face as you stare mesmerised and enchanted by the scenes shot by Giampaolo Sgura. I love the cinematic drama captured in this range of images.  Many have commented on the controversial nature of this collaboration between food and fashion.  We have all seen the slogan ‘Don’t Feed the Models’ hundreds of times, and here we seem to have the antithesis – walking size zero vegetables.  Perhaps this is a bizarre trend to embrace, but Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are renowned for their theatrical elaborate designs.  They glorify the female form , with strong shoulders, synched in waist lines and accentuated hips, creating that ideal hourglass.  Unrealistic perhaps, but fashion is fantasy, its purpose can often be to brighten up the monotony of everyday life. In terms of their bold choice to work with food imagery, namely hot hot chills, bulging tomatoes and devilishly dark aubergines, Gabbana believes ”Food is everything: sexy, everything: And the kitchen is the time when family are together”.  And I wholeheartedly agree – food is glorious, food is life, and food is seriously sexy.

This is my favourite look from the collection.  I’ll be wearing it in my dreams tonight ;-)